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Monitoring & Analyzing Social Media

With over 1.5 billion conversations stored, can you afford not to listen?

Category: Business Development

May 28, 2008 0 Comments

We’ve added Profiles to SM2, Some notes about pricing and usage and if you blog us we double your Freemium Account!

Last night saw a significant change to the user-interface for SM2, a change made at the request of our users. When setting up your SM2 account (at all levels) you now can create  Profiles dedicated to specific clients, brands or projects and then apply a set of keywords to those Profiles. You can switch in and out of Profiles to manage searches and analysis for multiple clients.

The number of Profiles isn’t limited, however, based on your plan, the total number of keywords and aggregate number of search items returned will be determined by your plan. If you have a plan with 20 keywords and ten thousand search results it means you could have four Profiles with five keywords each or two with ten, etc. Regardless of how many Profiles you set up though you will still return at most ten thousand results.

Our pricing is scalable so you can increase capacity as your needs increase. If you are managing only one small brand the Freemium account with 5 keywords and 1000 results may be enough to get a snapshot of social media’s buzz about your brand. As you add clients or brands you can scale up to our paid plans at any time. If you have a temporary need for a broader range of results you can subscribe to a professional plan on a month to month basis.

One important tip to help you deal with a limited account is that you can delete a search or searches and start over without affecting your keywords/results limit. However the data and keywords you’ve set up for those searches will be lost.

Finally, if you’re a blogger and you write about Techrigy and SM2, send us a link and we’ll double your Freemium Account to 10 keywords and 2000 results!

May 21, 2008 0 Comments

Techrigy Upgrades Freemium SM2 Social Media Monitoring Accounts

We’re happy to announce that, effective immediately, all current and new users of our Freemium (no charge) SM2 Accounts are now being upgraded to 5 keyword searches and 1000 stored results. This more than doubles the functionality of SM2 for early adopters and PR and marketing agencies who want to test the waters in the social media monitoring space. Prior to the introduction of our Freemium Accounts, the costs of entry to social media monitoring services were prohibitive. Now you can start using the service, showing your clients results and developing new business opportunities monitoring brands across blogs, social networks, user-generated video, Twitter and more.

Social Media Influence is Exploding and So are Opportunities for PR and Marketing Agencies

Techrigy offers this free version because we want to grow with our clients. The explosive expansion of social media and its influence on opinions and reputations is the big story in managing brand and corporate public relations. Because this is such a new realm we understand that many PR and marketing professionals are scrambling to develop expertise and offer that knowledge to your clients. The fastest way to get up to speed is to register for the SM2 Freemium Account and begin monitoring your client brands. With this upgrade you can create profiles and generate enough analysis to demonstrate to your clients why and how you track their reputations in social media.

Simple Growth Path to a New Agency Profit Center

Once you’ve tried SM2 and you’re ready to turn it into a profit center for your agency, we work closely with you to bring your clients onboard. Whether they are existing clients or new business prospects, SM2’s capabilities offer any size agency deep drill-down ability to follow conversations and brands including extensive reporting options. You can then apply your market knowledge to analyze results and recommend actions to manage risk and take advantage of opportunities. The Freemium Account offers all the analysis tools available in our Premium Silver, Gold and Platinum paid plans. These plans, which are purchased on a monthly or annualized subscription basis, offer you the ability to scale up to managing multiple clients and tens of thousands of saved searches.

May 14, 2008 0 Comments

Marc Andreessen of Ning on Friend Connect

(BTW, SM2 indexes Ning networks)

Marc has a great analysis of Google’s new Friend Connect mechanism that enable social networking widgets across all kinds of websites.

“Friend Connect is a mechanism by which Open Social gadgets can be published and used not just within a social network but also beyond that social network. When an Open Social gadget shows up elsewhere on the web, via Friend Connect, the friend data and social context comes with the Open Social gadget from its origin social network — and that origin social network might be a network on Ning or a large walled garden network like MySpace or Orkut, and that Open Social gadget might be embedded on any page anywhere on the web.”

This kind of interlinking between the transience of social media and more fixed elements like blog templates, web sites and social network platforms is rapidly moving web users into a completely real time flow of information and conversations across the entire web. This may eliminate the viability of things like Second Life as a place to meet, do business, etc (excepting the playground aspect of SL) because we’ll naturally be engaged that way throughout the web. Avatars? IMHO, your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., will morph into your avatar in a manner that is far more useful and accurate than a goofy guy flying around with a battleaxe…;-)

May 9, 2008 0 Comments

Utilizing SM2 Data in a New Client Pitch

SM2, Techrigy’s social media monitoring solution, gives you the ability to track and monitor what people are saying about your clients and their brands throughout the social media ecosystem. Blogs, wikis, embedded video (YouTube), microblogs (Twitter) and social networks are where the buzz, good and bad, originates- far before it percolates down to the traditional media. When your agency is pitching new clients (or additional work from existing clients), SM2 becomes an incredibly powerful tool for differentiating you from your competitors.

Monitoring in Real Time is the New Paradigm

  • When a rumor becomes a problem in social media it may already be too late.
  • When a trend creates an opportunity, social media sources are going to be the early indicators of how to respond.
  • When an online conversation becomes a meme and starts to spread it can literally explode overnight, changing your clients’ world.

Social Media monitoring ensures that your agency not only knows about these trends, it ensures that you know about them first. This offers first-mover advantage for your clients, giving you both the opportunity to mitigate risk, jump on trends, and moderate just how their brands and products are being reviewed, praised or criticized across the full spectrum of social media.

What is Social Media?

One definition is that social media consists of any medium where users can generate content on the web via online tools and networks:

  • Bloggers publish anything they want: Rumors about a company’s CEO? The stock gets hit instantly.
  • Homegrown video can find thousands or millions of viewers overnight: Politician caught on a phone video cam doing something unusual? It’s now part of their ‘permanent record’.
  • Microbloggers literally publish their every move and experience to friends and fans: Bad service in a restaurant chain? It’s out there in minutes and spreading.
  • Social networks connect thousands of friends who exhibit ‘mob’ behavior: A concert by an ostensibly unknown band sells out in minutes.

That’s the power of social media. With social media monitoring via SM2 you can offer your clients instant feedback on how they and their brands are being portrayed, distributed, reviewed and perceived by real people in real time.

Demonstrating Expertise by Example

The most powerful thing you can show a potential client is something important that they don’t already know about their brand, product, service or competition.
With traditional tracking tools like search and news alerts you’re not offering anything the client can’t find on their own. These tools are universally available at no cost. While they are powerful and essential, they typically only index every few days or even weeks and their focus is on websites rather than social media platforms. As a result, the information you find has already been noted, commented on and distributed virally in social media.
SM2 doesn’t just gather the information, it helps you analyze and respond to it.

Use Social Media Monitoring Reports in Your Pitch

Preparing for an upcoming client meeting or presentation? Sign up for an SM2 Freemium Account, at no charge, and run a search based on keywords and information relevant to your client’s business:

  • Brands
  • People
  • Products
  • Competitors
  • Partners

You’ll get current results in a variety of formats and from a complete sampling of the social media universe. The charts and results track sentiment (positive/negative), geographic distribution, weighting by influence and popularity and many other attributes. Within the application you can drill down to individual sources so you can enter the conversation on behalf of your client or alert them to important new influencers. All of the data is available as charts that can be copied and pasted into your presentation format.
While the Freemium Account is limited to two primary search terms (i.e. brands or company names) and 500 search results, this is usually more than enough data to demonstrate your advanced capabilities and provides a valuable real time ’snapshot’ of how social media monitoring works.

Tips for Incorporating Social Media Reports in your Presentation

The goal here is to demonstrate your expertise and whet their appetite for more information and analysis, not to serve up a full research report. The key concepts here are information and expertise. Analyze the trends in your SM2 reports and find a couple of examples of things that your client may not have been aware of. These become a slide or two each. Draw a story or situation analysis and response for each example:

  • Example One: Perceived negative environmental impact of new product introduction appearing in blog posts and wikis. Response: Correct misperception and engage influential social media commentators to mitigate damage.
  • Example Two: New product embraced by unexpected market sector. Response: Repurpose marketing and messaging to take advantage of emerging opportunity.

These examples position your agency as highly in tune with emerging trends and able to rapidly respond to opportunities and crises, both highly desirable traits in an agency.

Profiting with SM2 from Techrigy

SM2 offers more than just its value as a tool for developing business. The service becomes a potential profit center for your agency as you offer the ability to monitor the growing social media ecosystem across your entire client portfolio. SM2’s paid Premium versions offer flexible pricing models so you can scale your costs as you scale up your offerings. Unlike services that require six figure annual commitments, SM2 can be purchased as a subscription based on usage or via a reasonable annual rate for more intensive usage. The service is also scalable for use in any size agency from a single practitioner to a global leader.